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Sell Yourself

This was originally posted on Quora. Checkout My Quora Page where I answer more questions about freelancing and Upwork.

You have to sell yourself. Getting people to hire you online without having ever met you is no easy thing to do.

In order to make it happen, you have to make sure everything is in working order from the moment the potential client lays eyes on your proposal.

We always have to think about these 3 things…

  • The Profile. This needs to be great and well thought out.Most importantly, make sure that you have a video and also a decent portfolio and a good handle on grammar.The thing with profiles, is you want to make sure that you also include as much information as humanly possible and also include all of the different platforms and software languages that you’re familiar with in order to be picked up more by the internal SEO happening when people post jobs. So you’ll definitely want to think about that.

    I always say the more the merrier.


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