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When it comes to getting gigs on Upwork, I seem to always have my best luck on the weekends.

Why is this?

I think it has something to do with the types of people that are working on the weekends.

Traditionally, these people are weekend warriors themselves and have no problem working around the clock instead of set hours like a standard 9-5.

I think for me, there’s a mutual respect for a person that’s willing to give up their free time on the weekends in order to make shit happen.

When clients like this see I’m able to put in hours on the weekend, they’re typically super psyched. This way they don’t have to wait for Monday for tasks to be completed.

Remember, most of the clients we’re working with have businesses that are running 24/7 because they’re eCommerce businesses or information product businesses.

Many of the owners of these types of businesses don’t have the luxury of checking out for the weekend, because they’re always looking to improve their businesses.

People that post on the weekend are also ready to hire immediately I find.  When people wait until Monday, I find that they are basically posting and then will check to see who applied a few days later since posting the job was the main concern.

There’s also less competition

When people post on the weekend, you’ll find that there are a considerably less amount of people that are trying to compete with you.

It pays to be assertive with applying for jobs on the weekend.

If you can, try to start off every morning browsing your custom job feed to see if anything looks interesting.  A quick 30-second message could literally be worth tens of thousands of dollars!

Now that you know when to apply, learn about how much you should be charging for your services.

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