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My skills keep changing on Upwork. It’s whatever the client needs. They trust that I am going to get in there and do a good job. 99% of the time it’s computer related. They have an online store or they’re selling some type of service online.

Those types of businesses require different specific skills whether they’re using a specific platform, the types of sales funnel system they’re trying to build. The biggest thing is that you gain experience with learning these different configurations. It’s ever-expanding, there are new platforms coming out every day.

The best thing to do is to get in doing the skills you know how to do first then go a little beyond what you know all the time and learning and figuring it out.

The wisdom brings with you the courage and understanding of how to figure things out instead of panicking and running away from the job. You just figure it out. There’s information everywhere for you to learn on your own and get it done. That’s what really delivers the value for clients because they have specific stuff that they want done and they don’t know how to do it. If they knew how to do it, they would probably do it themselves.

List off what you know first, get attached to a good job, build up the reviews and the authority and trust. Then see what the market pushes with the skills. Start writing down what you did with clients and your skillset is going to grow and grow.

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