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All freelance work is unique. It’s a unique client, it’s a unique need that the client has. It’s always new. A lot of freelance is discovering stuff.

There’s an abundance of work out there. I know you’re trying to be unique and find something that no one’s doing freelance for and trying to find some secret but it’s probably not out there. Maybe it is, but there’s always new software platforms that people need help with that just come out and are new. That’s going to be undiscovered.

There’s different technology, strategies like Facebook messaging automation and things like that that weren’t even a thing a couple of years ago. That’s going to be really new if you want to get into that stuff.

You don’t want to be by yourself in the market. Let the market dictate what you’re going to be doing for them and not the other way around. People aren’t going to Upwork or these gig sites to think about what they need. They have a specific reason why they’re hiring people.

The more you can cast a net around that stuff the better you’re going to be instead of going into a secret niche that no one really knows about because they’re not going to be hiring for it. You do want something that’s going to come in weekly. People start to recognize that you’re in a bigger niche.

A lot of my jobs are very different, but they’re all in a particular niche. I try to be as wide as possible. My client industry verticals are all over the place. I tend to not focus on any one thing because it just cuts you off from others. In this game, you have to be willing to do a lot of different things.

Some people disagree, but that’s what’s working for me.

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