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If you’re trying to set your contracts up where you don’t have a lot of extra unpaid time, it’s understandable why you would want to do that. I usually do my contracts hourly so that if the client needs more help then it’s fair to have them compensate you for your time.

This is why project-based kind of sucks because things change. Especially on bigger projects, something is always changing. So when that happens, do you look at that change reluctantly?

If you have a project-based contract you probably do because you’ve already put in work and you’ve already figured out the scope of the project and now you’re starting from zero if the client’s changing their mind.

To avoid that, I would just do hourly contracts. If there’s more work to be done, there’s more work to be done and the client can choose whether to continue with it and have you do this extra stuff or hang on to that for a little while and do it when the time’s right.

That’s how I would set it up to avoid getting into situations where you’re not getting paid extra and you’re reluctantly doing the work. You’re not going to make good stuff if you feel like you’re not being appreciated.

Be appreciated more, be compensated, and do great work.

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