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Webinars are the best thing since sliced bread.

They allow people to sell their products and services to a mass amount of people in a very intimate way. It works just as well as an in-person meeting, if not better because you can actually get people to take action immediately!

Action that can be worth THOUSANDS per mouse click.

Not only can you make sales directly from a webinar, but you can create long lasting relationships that will lead to customers for life.

Webinars are getting more and more popular and they are the most popular projects I typically take on.

The reason is, they work!

Sure you can set one up easy, but the real fun happens when you learn how to automate these webinars.

We call this Evergreen.

This is when webinars are made and then you set up a sales funnel system that gets people to view the webinar on a regular basis, instead of making a new webinar all the time for new people.

This set it and forget it approach is why I can show a very large return on investment when clients are hiring me to build these kinds of systems.

Once you get your ducks in a row with the system, it becomes highly lucrative.


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