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Be a super good freelancer! That’s the biggest hack.

Before I started freelancing I was doing a lot of hiring on Upwork for my own company and for the company I was working with. I know firsthand that the norm was people who didn’t follow through with a lot of stuff on Upwork. That’s not a good hack or a good strategy.

The biggest hack is getting a job and keeping it on there and having it long term. I’ve had contracts that have lasted years now. Six figures just from one client!

How do you get long term work? Have the client trust and like you. You do that and you make clients happy on there… There’s always going to be more work.

All these people have online businesses and they want to expand and get more of their own clients… You start to notice all these patterns are the same with a lot of the people who hire on Upwork.

They all have online businesses and have the beauty of being able to expand to crazy levels because they’re selling digital products or they can expand their inventory or appointments.

There’s always more money to be made for these clients. If you can be the person that can make them more money then they’re going to hire you all the time.

I would concentrate on doing that type of work where you can show a return on investment for yourself because then they can justify all the money they spend on you.

Before you get that going, there’s definitely some stuff that you want to start doing right off the bat. You want to get your profile good. Another hack could be to make a video. That was a huge thing for me making a video.

Get that stuff going. Concentrate less on being a black hat Upwork dude who’s trying to scramble the system or do some shady stuff. Like, get test scores that are already done or get people to hire you that are your friends and get reviews.

All the time and energy you put into that can be better spent perfecting your profile, perfecting your own personal sales funnel. It’s something I’ve set up and it’s been great. It’s a whole path I take with all of my potential clients and it usually works well.

Just be good. Be great on there. That’s the biggest hack.

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