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Sometimes it pays to be patient…

Hope everyone is doing well during these crazy times!

I wanted to connect with everyone and talk about the craziness that’s been happening with Upwork Stock over the last few weeks. UPWK

My regret is that I didn’t buy more when it was down!

As you know from some of my earlier posts, I’ve been in on this stock for some time, just because, well, I earn the money from Upwork, so I should reinvest back in.

Unfortunately, that’s been a brutal decision for my portfolio for a while….

But I just knew that Upwork is the future and I believe in it…

It’s been a crazy time for Upwork. Earlier this year the CEO stepped down to bring in Hayden, which seemed bizarre at the time.

I didn’t mind it so much though and I think this is a good call.

Hayden connects with people on a much better level.

I didn’t realize this until I saw her on Cramer last week.

The video of this blue my mind!

Here’s the entire video….

And hearing her speak and reiterate the things that I’ve been preaching for years felt amazing.

I knew at that time, Upwork finally hit that inflection point that I was waiting for. Seeking Alpha had an amazing article that really resonated with a lot of the feelings that I was having with the company.

And to be honest with everything she said in the article she’s spot on.

When shit was hitting the fan with Covid in March, it seemed like the work was really drying up. But then something shifted in early April that has kept me head down ever since.

I’ve been inundated with invites.

On levels that I’ve never experienced, and I mean piling up.

Also, I’m in the mood to launch everything that i’ve had on the back burner for the last several years.

I think we’re all over the stagnation of this virus and maybe even a little of the work we were doing before the virus.

What’s important….
What’s your time worth…
Are you working on the things that make you happy?

I think a lot of people are starting to ask themselves and adjusting accordingly.

And you see that with the Shopify numbers too…

They are killing it because so many people are starting eCom businesses and it’s a simple platform for doing so.

And here’s the thing…

With all of these desires of building online businesses comes the necessity to partner with some of the amazing talent Upwork has on the bench….

There are so many opportunities to work right now it’s crazy and I think we’re just getting started.

Now, mix that in with these large partnerships that they’re making with Microsoft and Glassdoor… that means, they’re going to be the backbone with mostly all of the big businesses out there because of their wide reach.

And I think Hayden really seems like the type of person that is smart enough to make that a win win for everyone involved with the site.

I’m so happy to see this turning around for them. And if there’s any type of silver lining coming from the mayhem of Corona, it’s to know that people can still justly earn a living from their own home, Rome, or anywhere in the world.

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