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Do you know what emails, web pages, and almost every single branded piece of content needs?

Photoshopped graphics.

If you really want to articulate your digital creativity, there is no better software on the planet for doing so than Photoshop. It is the tried and true method for photo alterations and making graphics come to life.

Learning Photoshop early really paid off for me throughout the years.

Early on, I was using it for posters and menus for businesses and restaurants to use as their marketing material.

It was fun trying to get old computers to run such powerful software, but fortunately, if you had enough patience, you could tolerate the extended load times.

Photoshop is important because the business game is mostly marketing and good branding. If a business’ branding is good, consumers recognize them easily, making it easy to market the business’ products.

I bet you could recognize McDonald’s, Apple, and Starbucks just by their colors and logos.

Good marketing means tons of money for companies and if you can help a company by making them more money, you’re guaranteed to be hired.

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