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A couple of times I’ve referenced the fact that I build sales funnels for clients, and that I have my own sales funnel baked into my business that helps me automate the sales cycle.

Again, when we’re thinking “sales funnel”, we’re thinking of an automated way to sell any product or service online without any extra input from the business owner.

When I’m thinking about my own personal services and what I offer on Upwork, I want as much as possible to happen automatically so I’m not wasting time in the sales process.

The sales process makes you ZERO money.

I repeat, the sales process makes you zero money. It just creates a potential for making money. You don’t make money until you bill your client through the Upwork Time tracker.

So how do you get people to the promised land, where they are letting you bill them at $250/hr on a regular basis?

You must sell them on the problem.

Most of my clients have a very similar problem that they’re trying to fix. My developer sucks.

By the time they talk to me, they already know that their biggest problem is not having someone on their team that can execute or create a strategy that will make them money.

This is how I sell them on the problem. I show them how I can be of value to them and how they’re losing out by not having met me sooner.

This technique, selling potential clients on the problem is how I’m able to charge $250/hr for my services.

My clients understand the value that I will bring them.

Making your clients understand your value is necessary for freelancing success.

Know your value and don’t sell yourself short!

I hope this helps. Let me know in the comments how you sell your clients on the problem.

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