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I talk about Infusionsoft a lot, but let’s talk Infusionsoft again for a hot minute and the evolution that I undertook that made me consider it the mother of all CRM/ Automation/ Email programs.

8 years ago, I had no idea what Infusionsoft was. Literally no idea. And I’m a guy that prided myself on being a huge geek who always loved the idea of automation. Setting and forgetting always seemed to tantalize my inner laziness. I think I like bots more than people too.

Anyway, when I was running my restaurants and also launching my app, I wasn’t taking advantage of this tech. Nor do I think that the tech was really fully baked at the time when I was deep into these endeavors.

During this time, I was fucking around with Salesforce and a couple other large programs that I thought would do the heavy lifting of sales processes and automating turning prospects to clients. For that, systems like SF seemed to be the right ticket, but I was wrong. Fortunately, there were other products popping up on the radar. For email marketing, it was Constant Contact and MailChimp, but I always considered them amateur hour, because they were geared towards internet inept individuals.

Then came Get Response, which totally changed my understanding of what a sales funnel was. The reason Get Response really whet my whistle was the fact that time was based off the user’s time instead of the time you see on your calendar and clock.

What do I mean by this? When I was using programs like MailChimp and Constant Contact, sure they had cool templates and the ability to schedule emails in advance, but at the time, they lacked automation in the eyes of the user.

So this was cool if you wanted to segment users and send them different emails at different times, but this wasn’t going to create continuous automation you could rely on.

Get Response could do this because you could set up emails to go out on certain days, after that particular user subscribed to something, or “opted in”.

Day 0 – This is when the user signs up. Usually this is a thank you letter.
Day 1 – 1 Day Later
Day 2 – 2 Days later
Day 3 – 3 Days later

So this stuff was all automated depending on when they signed up, instead of you having to schedule out in the future.

As you added to them, you added the “funnel”. So for everyone that signed up, they went through an automated experience that would last for some time without doing any extra work.

This got me thinking on a whole new level because I started to see the full power of automation when you make this automation serve a goal.

What this created was continuous sales, because people were always at different areas in the “funnel”.

Mind blown.

I’ll break down some funnel concepts in some other posts, but for now, let’s talk Infusion. Infusion basically took this concept of automating the days which emails are sent and took it to another level. I wasn’t around too much before the campaign builder days of Infusionsoft, but when they created that, holy shit!

It was like I was able to fully understand marketing in automation in the way my mind worked.

The campaign builder allowed multiple automated sequences to live altogether to form a seamless campaign.

This would have been a mess on any other program that I used.

The problem is, it had (and still has) a learning curve.

I discovered how steep this learning curve was when our team hired an Infusionsoft expert to help us create a strategy that automated sales.

What really blew my mind was the amount that he was charging!

$100/hr??? What is he, a fucking Doctor? Nope — just a guy who knew the way this software worked.

That was really crazy to me because from that moment on, I knew there was a major opportunity here.

An opportunity that I didn’t know at the time, but it would change my life forever.

Just a few years later, I’d be charging double from what homeboy was charging us, and I’d have more people paying that rate than I ever would have imagined.

Thanks Infusionsoft 🙂

Check out my courses if you want to learn about Infusionsoft and sales funnels and other skills that I use to help clients on Upwork.

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