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Learning Infusionsoft and/or Active Campaign will put at least six figures into your pocket every single year.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the stream of jobs from Upwork from businesses that need this kind of help.

Because of business automation, companies require powerful tools like Infusionsoft and Active Campaign to automatically sell their products online throughout the day, without doing any extra work.

This is the principal idea behind a “sales funnel”.

Depending on your familiarity with “sales funnels”, you may have heard this buzzword becoming more and more popular. You may have even seen them in action.

If not… no worries

I actually wrote about sales funnels at length in another article post if you want to check it out.

Anyway, at the heart of all sales funnels is a competent Customer Retention Management Tool (CRM) that can efficiently and accurately send the right content to the right people at the right time.

If any of these pieces that make up the funnel are wrong, your funnel is going to be more like a leaky hose of cash, instead of a money generating online machine.

This is what you want to avoid if you want clients paying you for your time. Remember, ROI is everything.

Infusionsoft and Active Campaign do a great job accomplishing this.

When you know how to use these tools, online business automation becomes a closer goal for companies and organizations looking to benefit.

Most of the time, the business owners who spend thousands to get these programs working wind up with half-assed attempts at a sales funnel that produces zero sales for their business.

Now, along with all of the money they spent on the actual software attempting to get the program producing profits, they’re also left with a huge waste of time, that did nothing for their business.

The thing is, this automation WORKS when done correctly.

And owners would much prefer to place these tasks into the hands of competent consultants instead of dealing with them themselves.

This is happening everywhere.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the ads on Facebook that bring you to pages with checkouts and or opt-in registrations. When these pages are converting and selling products that people want, these businesses can afford to throw small fortunes into pushing ads that keep traffic coming to their site.

It’s extremely important that all of the different emails and pages are correctly synced since one small error can make or break sales for a company.

Again, most business owners have no time for this, and when they do, they do it wrong.

If you have any desire to start consulting and making money for yourself by charging for your time, getting familiar with these 2 different software platforms will pay back in dividends.

You can start with my post about Infusionsoft and then check out my courses, where I dive into Infusionsoft, Active Campaign and a bunch of other money making skills.


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