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Infusionsoft is a crazy piece of software that lives on the internet that was created to help people sell millions and millions of products every second of every day for the rest of the days of the internet. It is THE most powerful CRM platform on the market that is able to integrate seamlessly with almost every other single internet marketing platform in existence.

It is absolutely proficient at constructing smart, scalable, and seamless sales funnels in its beautiful campaign builder that was created for people that understand visual people.

It’s what completely changed everything for me as a solo-preneur or a digital nomad.  Whatever you want to call me.  You can call me “asshole” if you want to, but I am the asshole that learned this magnificent program and was able to get gigs with some of the coolest companies that I’ve ever worked with.

Learning Infusionsoft allowed me to integrate all of the ideas and concepts I learned through the years and construct the funnels that I yearned for before these types of tools existed.

Infusionsoft made me realize how antiquated other autoresponder programs like Get Response and MailChimp really are, and opened the doors to a much more complex build.


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