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One of the best ways to really sink the freelancing ship you’ve been working hard to stay afloat is to bail on your client and not return their calls or their messages.

This is the absolute worst thing to do, however, it happens MUCH more than you think.

There are a handful of freelancers that I’ve hired for my own businesses, and also freelancers that I’ve partnered with that have all taken this route, instead of doing the right thing.

It’s really weird and really shocking because once you get a reputation for bailing, it’s very difficult to right the ship.

So what happens when you do this. Let’s break it down.

1. You don’t complete the project and Upwork significantly weighs this against your JSS (Job Success Score) and you look very unattractive to new clients.

2. You don’t get a good review. In fact, you’re much more likely to get a bad review, and that is a death blow when new clients are looking to hire you.

3. You may have to send the money you made back. This can put you in a highly stressful situation that’s completely unnecessary, especially if you’ve spent the money you didn’t really earn.

4. Your karma will pay. Turning your back on people never results in anything good. If there’s someone that paid you for your service and you decide not to talk to them, it’s only a matter of time before something bites you in the ass.

5. You won’t grow your hourly rate. Giving yourself a raise should only happen when you feel good and help others. It cannot happen if you turn your back and don’t complete a task that someone hired you for. If anything, you’ll need to demote yourself or give a deal in order to get your next gig.

There are so many other reasons why you shouldn’t turn your back on a client that I won’t list out because it’s merely common sense, but never take this lightly.

You should be growing and learning more with each client. Not vindictively turning your back and causing extra stress in your life and the client’s life.

Have you ever had to leave a client and turn your back on them?  I would love to know the reason why!

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