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Hey Family, I put together this comprehensive little presentation in my studio room to go over how to get increase your chances of getting approved.

I know I know, the sound kind of sucks, because my mic wasn’t working so I had to use my iPhone mic — long story.  

Like I mentioned, I did the same exact presentation earlier in the day, and it completely got erased!!! What sucks the most is that you have to erase the entire wall and start over.  But hay that’s life! Just make it better 🙂

I didn’t have the energy to redo a 3rd time, and decided to just release this.

Hopefully it’s helpful and if you have any questions, please drop them in the comment box and let me know your thoughts. 

Thanks and enjoy.

👇 How To Get Approved on Upwork ? Part 1

👇 How To Get Approved on Upwork ? Part 2

👇 How To Get Approved on Upwork ? Part 3

Now just to reiterate, it’s getting more and more difficult.


There are literally thousands and thousands of people trying to get on platform and it’s getting more and more tough.


Or is it?  


To be honest, I think there’s always going to be a place for someone that knows what they’re doing.


But if you’re not on the system, there’s no way to be on there.


So lets go over steps to take with your profile to make sure that you have the best chance.


1. Create a thorough profile.


In order to do this, I want you to list out everything you know in the body of your profile.  Any software platform you’ve ever worked with.  Everything.  This is going to help with the SEO of your profile and show Upwork that you have a lot of knowledge.


2. Make sure that you have a nice picture.


Don’t try and get weird or too creative. Remember, Upwork wants PROFESSIONALS, so you should come off as one.


3. Make a movie.  


I can’t stress this more.  Even though my video was pretty corny, I think it really showed Upwork and respective clients that I was who I said I am.  If you look at my videos above, I mentioned how if you can’t sell upwork on being professional, you’ll never sell a client.  So make sure that you broadcast to them that you mean business, and that you came to be a kick ass freelancer.


4. Go for glory


Don’ t make it seem like you’re a noob.  Show that you know what you’re doing and are well qualified or it’s going to be very difficult to fight the crowds. 


5. Fill out your portfolio

When I started, all I really had was stuff that I did in the past.  Since you won’t have any reviews yet, it’s going to be very important you show some past work that has to do with what you’re trying to accomplish on the site.

6. Any other achievements.

This will again help show the system that you mean business.

7. Make the case that Upwork needs you more than you need them. 

Since freelancers these days are a dime a dozen, you need to again prove to them in your letter to them that you’re an outstanding self starter that will either get clients with or without them.  Upwork is in the business of making money, so if they know that you have the talent of selling business, they will want you more.

8.  Come with gifts.

If you already have clients, you should try bringing them into the system.  This will win you points with the platform and it may only hurt your pockets for the short run. 

I’ll be adding to this with more graphics!




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