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The video was originally posted on Quora. Checkout My Quora Page where I answer more questions about freelancing and Upwork.

I got hired pretty quickly when I got on Upwork. I built a profile and took the time to look at different profiles that were working well.

For profiles:

Include a detailed summary of people you worked with and specific stuff that you’ve done with as much information as possible.

List all of the software platforms that you are familiar with and work with. It helps with search. If the client has a specific need and sees that you have the skills they need, it will work out better for you.

Your main goal is to get them to jump onto a phone call.

Create a video! Don’t be a faceless freelancer. The video helps potential clients build a relationship with you before they even jump on a call with you.

When you have a solid profile, spend a lot of time applying for jobs. Potential clients want their work to be done today. If you can jump on the call today, you’re more likely to land the job!

Once you get a potential client talking with you, you need to get them to say YES. After getting your first client, you can keep landing jobs and get your freelance career rolling to where you’ve made half a million dollars on Upwork.

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