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I have not. I don’t think six-figures is that much money. $100,000 after taxes is $60,000 – $70,000 and that’s great but in this day and age, you need more.

Salary jobs are like slavery. You have to report to work every day, you have to leave at a certain time, you have to commute every day…

There was a time where that was great. When you had job security, pensions, retirement, medical insurance… That stuff sucks right now.

You can set aside a retirement plan on your own. Medical insurance is just as bad on your own as it is in some work situations.

The gig economy is going to expand and be more normal for larger corporations. There’s not going to be the fear of finding other work because there will be other companies looking for the same stuff that you just got done with some of these major projects.

I’ve never been short of work and I never fear when a project ends. I’ve had hundreds of clients come and go. At first, it’s a little scary, but then as your reputation grows you know confidently that “Hey, I’m going to be hired by someone soon. Don’t sweat it. It’s all good.”

As far as job security, it’s great. I know that if I work, I’ll get paid. Knowing that you have work coming in and having a system in place where you’re working with clients.

I don’t regret turning down a six-figure job. I would never take a six-figure job unless it was a high six figures and it was an awesome job.

We need to value whether we’re happy more than anything else. If that six-figure job is making you stressed and you can’t do shit. You’re relegated to a crappy part of the universe where you have to commute and you come home to go to bed, then repeat it the next day.

It sounds horrible! You have one life, and you want to spend it doing that? Look beyond money! Is this something that you’re passionate about? Is this something that you love? If you start focusing on that, the money comes later.

I used to think that wasn’t the case, and then I started doing what I love. Everything’s alright for the moment, I can’t guarantee the future, but it’s been great doing this and not being a slave to the six-figured salaried position.

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