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So far it’s been the same as any other day, but there are so many distractions.

The news, Facebook, texts from people, people walking down the street with masks, sirens in the distance, there’s a lot of things that can take your attention.

I have to keep reminding myself to concentrate and stay on task. And to most importantly stay healthy.

But the good thing is we’re used to working from home and having our Pets as co-workers.

Client invitations also seem to be going up, because entrepreneurs are looking to finally get that project started they’ve been putting off.

And they need to divert their attention from the news too.

I can’t think of anything besides maybe 9/11 where everyone had the same thing on their minds. Despite being physically separated, it’s like we’re more emotionally integrated in ways I’ve never seen.

It will be interesting to see how we’re acting in a month or two to see how this changes. Hopefully, through the ashes of chaos, beautiful things are created.

Stay safe everyone! And if you need any help with working from home feel free to message me.

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