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Drip Drip Drip can be the sound of your client making money continuously throughout the day when you help them incorporate comprehensive drip campaigns into their online businesses.

So let’s explain what “drip” means.

Drip means that every day, different content is sent to a user after they either register to a website or purchase premium content on a webpage.

Let’s explain email drip campaigns first.

Email drip campaigns are different emails that are sent out every day depending on what a particular user registers for.

Let’s take an eBook as an example.

When a user inputs their name and email into a registration form to download an eBook, automation ensues and the drip campaign starts.

Since we’re going to want to get the user what they wanted, typically the email drip campaign starts with the delivery of the requested content plus some sort of introduction.

We call this Day 0

Then, a few hours later we’ll want to check in and make sure that they received this material, so we’ll typically set up a timer to send an automated email.

Software platforms like Infusionsoft can handle these types of tasks with ease.

The idea of this funnel isn’t just to get them the requested product, it’s to get them into a strategy that you built by utilizing the drip campaign.

The next couple of emails are going to try and build your client’s authority in the particular industry and educate the user.

We call this the indoctrination sequence.

This is where the art of copywriting takes hold, and your goal is to really captivate the user and sell them on the problem along with the idea that your client’s company can fix this problem.

After the indoctrination emails articulate these goals, the idea is to commit the user to purchase a product or premium piece of content for a promotional price.

We call this the product launch.

During this sequence, we’ll want to send them drip emails that correlate with the promotion so the user is notified when the promotion is about to end.

This helps them take action and make a sale!

Let’s now talk about membership drip sequences.

Membership sequences are awesome because they do three main things:

– Keep the content fresh and require the user to come back for new content
– Allow content to be digested easily by not throwing everything at them at once
– Bake in Tripwires so you can automate ongoing continuity purchases

It’s important that you incorporate these drip strategies into any online business if you’re looking to automate sales. If not, you’re going to have a tough time keeping up with when and where to send the right content since no two users are at the same point since they joined or registered at different times and may have different desires for visiting your client’s page.

Let me know if you have any questions about drip campaigns in the comments!

If you want to dive in deep, you can learn more about drip campaigns, copywriting, and software like Infusionsoft in my courses.

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